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Obama Family on Election Night

Every election season, the pundits and campaigns tell us “ERMAHGAD This is totes the mostest important election in history of ever, you guys!” It’s pretty much never true. But this recent on was actually a historic election for a number of reasons.

We’ve hit a tipping point on gay marriage,  the drug war, and race, and the presidential election itself will have resonance on the direction of this country for at least a decade. (more…)


Republicans South

I’ve come to the basic conclusion that for America to move forward as a civilization Republicans have to suffer horribly. Poverty, disease, bed bugs, losing the TV remote, loss of limbs, real awful stuff. I want to make it clear that I say this not out of anger or a desire to inflict cruelty, but merely out of practicality. I don’t wish those things on anyone, even Dick Cheney (well, maybe Dick Cheney). I don’t want to see anyone suffer. But out of my deep love for my country and patriotism, Republicans have to suffer.

I don’t hate Republicans. I’ve just given up on trying to reason with people who clearly can’t be reasoned with. But it isn’t even their lack of logic and thinking that’s really holding America back. It’s the fact that they clearly have no concept of compassion. (more…)

Not so Ground Zero-y

I’ve been meaning to write about this “Ground Zero” mosque (of course ground zero is in quotes because the mosque isn’t actually at ground zero) for sometime, but for the most part I just figured there’s no way this story would stick around. It was just too cynical a political ploy and far too hateful to actually survive as an actual issue in 2010. Well, after two plus solid weeks of hate I believe I’ve been taught to never underestimate the stupidity or prejudice of the American public. This was something I thought I already knew, but I guess I had allowed myself to get my hopes up. Oh well.

However the main reason I haven’t written anything is that I couldn’t seem to spit out any thoughts past “Fuck you and get the fuck out of New York, you Alaskan snowbilly! Get the fuck off our land and go back to “real America!” (more…)

Today Prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional by the California courts.  I am elated. This is a huge victory for America.

This is an issue I find deeply personal because it isn’t just a “gay issue,” but an issue that affects all Americans. When a class of people is denied their pursuit of happiness just because of who they love, that is something deeply damaging to this country’s soul.

America is a country with a lot of flaws (a lot, a lot), but the greatest thing about America has always been the lofty ideals it has aspired to. That said, we have never lived up to those ideals and it’s often taken years of fighting just to inch closer, but we have inched closer. Bit by bit, day after day the fight keeps going on to push America to live by the morals it claims to have. (more…)

Here’s an amazing video that gets the point across in one of the most stylish and entertaining ways possible. There’s a lot more to this issue, though, and I intend to touch on it many many times in the future.

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for pointing this out

I’ve read a lot of articles lately about Sarah Palin and her chances at the Republican nomination and then at the presidency in 2012. My opinion on this matter is that we’re still more than two years away from the election can we please stop worrying about it for two seconds and maybe focus on the actual problems our country is facing?

In truth, I know my opinion, as simple and common sense as it may seem, is completely and utterly ridiculous. After all this is America and politics is a business. We are the land of the never ending campaign, where the presidency is a billion dollar commodity and we have the best paid, best trained bullshit peddlers in the world (there are two areas in which America is still light years ahead of the rest of the world: military budget and bullshit – although, I guess we should really include debt and imprisoning our own citizens). (more…)