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Obama Family on Election Night

Every election season, the pundits and campaigns tell us “ERMAHGAD This is totes the mostest important election in history of ever, you guys!” It’s pretty much never true. But this recent on was actually a historic election for a number of reasons.

We’ve hit a tipping point on gay marriage,  the drug war, and race, and the presidential election itself will have resonance on the direction of this country for at least a decade. (more…)


With Weiner’s wiener wriggling it’s way around the interwebs I decided it would be best to make a politician sex scandal flowchart to determine under what situations a politician should resign. Here it is:

Political Sex Scandal Flowchart

Yes … I know there’s a watermark. It is the bane of my existence. IT IS MY NEMESIS! I shall destroy you, watermark. I will take you and your entire family down. Why must you mock me, watermark? You sit there and you judge me, but you don’t who I am. You don’t know anything about me. GO AWAY! You’re not wanted here.