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I just got home from the Knicks-Nets Preseason Game and wanted to share some photos.

Knicks-Nets Nassau Coliseum

Yea, I was kinda high up there … (more…)


Jeremy Lin Passion

I am a Knicks fan.

Since the Knicks refused to match Jeremy Lin’s offer sheet I’ve been in a funk. I’ve been light-headed, cranky, and fatigued. Everything has seemed just a little bit off, just a little wrong. Nothing seems to bring me the same joy it did before. I’ll eventually finish mourning and move on, and it’s completely stupid to care this much about a sports team in the first place, but the simple reality is that I do care this much, I’m crushed, and I don’t know if things can ever be the same between me and my team.

Being a fan is a weird experience in the first place . (more…)

Oh my, internet, will your wonders never cease?  Here’s the old school 1994 Knicks theme song. A younger me memorized this and all the later versions.

Ah the good ol’ days. I love it. See the 1999 version after the jump. (more…)