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Why Elmo is Better Than God

Posted: 05/04/2012 in God Stuff
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Yea, that’s right. Mmmm … let the blasphemy flow over you. Doesn’t that feel good? But I’m not writing this purely to piss off believers. In fact, I hope many of them will nod their heads along with what I write and ultimately see past the dressing and agree with my point. Anyway, here’s why Elmo is better than God. (more…)


Loving the NBA

Posted: 04/16/2011 in Sports
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Loving the NBA is difficult.

It’s the only sport where all fans openly believe the game is somewhat rigged. Unfairness is fully accepted and actually factored into our analysis. So much so that it becomes somewhat loveable.

It becomes one of the quirks. If you truly love the NBA you accept and sort of love the fact that one advantage the Boston Celtics will have in the layoffs over all the other teams in the Eastern Conference is that they will get calls. It’s not even questioned.

That doesn’t happen in other sports. (more…)