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I just got home from the Knicks-Nets Preseason Game and wanted to share some photos.

Knicks-Nets Nassau Coliseum

Yea, I was kinda high up there … (more…)


Jeremy Lin Passion

I am a Knicks fan.

Since the Knicks refused to match Jeremy Lin’s offer sheet I’ve been in a funk. I’ve been light-headed, cranky, and fatigued. Everything has seemed just a little bit off, just a little wrong. Nothing seems to bring me the same joy it did before. I’ll eventually finish mourning and move on, and it’s completely stupid to care this much about a sports team in the first place, but the simple reality is that I do care this much, I’m crushed, and I don’t know if things can ever be the same between me and my team.

Being a fan is a weird experience in the first place . (more…)

Mark Sanchez GQ

The New York Jets traded for major religious figure and sometimes football player Tim Tebow, today. The Jets are my favorite team. Tebow is my least favorite player. Oh, and I love our current quarterback Mark Sanchez.

The truth is, the two aren’t really in competition. Tebow will come in to be a slash player, not a quarterback. Meaning he’ll run the wildcat and come in as a running back/fullback/tight end, which is a more appropriate role for him. But because of the zealotry of his followers, there will no doubt be calls for him to attempt to be the starting  quarterback. Thing is, Mark Sanchez is just plain better than Tim Tebow (at football and at life) and always will be. Here’s why: (more…)

My beloved J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS closed the deal with Santonio Holmes this morning and have a real shot at Nnamdi I’m-not-even-going-to-attempt-to-spell-that-last-name who apparently wants to play for them.

I am shaking with giddiness at the thought of a Revis-Nnamdi secondary.

Also Kellen Clemens signed a deal with the Redskins. I wish him well.

God, I’m so fucking glad football it back.

Loving the NBA

Posted: 04/16/2011 in Sports
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Loving the NBA is difficult.

It’s the only sport where all fans openly believe the game is somewhat rigged. Unfairness is fully accepted and actually factored into our analysis. So much so that it becomes somewhat loveable.

It becomes one of the quirks. If you truly love the NBA you accept and sort of love the fact that one advantage the Boston Celtics will have in the layoffs over all the other teams in the Eastern Conference is that they will get calls. It’s not even questioned.

That doesn’t happen in other sports. (more…)

It seems like every new organization is talking about how the breakdown in negotiations in the NFL labor dispute and likely lockout spell doom for the NBA. After all, the NBA has real problems and the NFL lockout has shown the lengths owners will go to have their way.  If the great and glorious NFL can’t succeed, surely the messy, scandal ridden, entitled player filled NBA won’t.

The thing that the larger media outfits fail to realize is that this is precisely what makes the NBA more likely to avoid a lockout than the NFL. (more…)

Oh my, internet, will your wonders never cease?  Here’s the old school 1994 Knicks theme song. A younger me memorized this and all the later versions.

Ah the good ol’ days. I love it. See the 1999 version after the jump. (more…)