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Obama Family on Election Night

Every election season, the pundits and campaigns tell us “ERMAHGAD This is totes the mostest important election in history of ever, you guys!” It’s pretty much never true. But this recent on was actually a historic election for a number of reasons.

We’ve hit a tipping point on gay marriage,  the drug war, and race, and the presidential election itself will have resonance on the direction of this country for at least a decade. (more…)


Republicans South

I’ve come to the basic conclusion that for America to move forward as a civilization Republicans have to suffer horribly. Poverty, disease, bed bugs, losing the TV remote, loss of limbs, real awful stuff. I want to make it clear that I say this not out of anger or a desire to inflict cruelty, but merely out of practicality. I don’t wish those things on anyone, even Dick Cheney (well, maybe Dick Cheney). I don’t want to see anyone suffer. But out of my deep love for my country and patriotism, Republicans have to suffer.

I don’t hate Republicans. I’ve just given up on trying to reason with people who clearly can’t be reasoned with. But it isn’t even their lack of logic and thinking that’s really holding America back. It’s the fact that they clearly have no concept of compassion. (more…)

Don't Ask Don't Tell is Really Dead

This is a beautiful moment. The arc of history is long, but it bends towards freedom.

Doonesbury brave rape abortion cartoon

You may have noticed that, in recent weeks, the national discourse has been rather focused on lady parts. You may also have noticed that the discussion has been dominated by old white men who don’t trust women to make their own decisions about their health. This has, thankfully, given rise to the wonderful tumblr: Men Who Trust Women that catalogs testimonials from men who stand with women against the wave of laws threatening to take their rights away.

After a day of reading article after article about the awful nonsense that’s being peddled by the current incarnation of the republican party, I spent several hours pacing and being all yelly. Then I figured a must more constructive way to vent would be to submit to Men Who Trust Women. I was venting so it got a little long. But I’m so happy and proud that they decided to publish half of my submission!

Since this is my personal blog, I decided I’d share the rest of what I sent in: (more…)

Rick Santorum

I’m rooting for Rick Santorum to win the Republican Primary.

Before you start throwing large, pointy, or otherwise likely to be painful objects at head, let me explain. I am a liberal. So the obvious reason why I would support Santorum is that he would likely lead to an Obama landslide. It’s true that this would be one benefit of a Santorum victory it is not the reason I wan Santorum to win. Nor is it that I harbor a secret lifelong appreciation of the sweater vest that outranks my sanity and morality (personally, I’ve never understood why sweater vests exist or what their purpose is).

The truth is I have two very strong reasons I want to see an Obama-Santorum match-up.  (more…)

Eat the Rich

Republican talking points have gotten more and more absurd and despicable in recent years. And yet they can still surprise me with their gall.

There’s been a lot of hubbub on the left lately about how the rich no longer exist. Now the very people who caused the recession that led to mass unemployment are “job creators.” Like many, when I hear this nonsense, it’s so ridiculous that I don’t know that to say. It’s like someone kicking you in the nuts and the when you go to hit them back they say “Wait, wait, wait you can’t do that, I’m the person who protects you from getting kicked in the nuts. If you hit me who will protect you from getting kicked in the nuts?” Then they kick you in the nuts again. (more…)

Rick Perry and The Jews

Posted: 09/26/2011 in Humor, Politics
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This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I seriously can’t stop watching it. It has brought me so much joy. It’s quiet at first, but it keeps building and then it really gets going.