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Kids These Days is a band out of Chicago that’s destined to be on every up and coming artist list for the next five years. They’re also awesome. They seem to be some sort of mix of jazz, hiphop, and breezy guitar singer-songwriter shiz. I’m going to be blasting this song all summer long.

Wu-Tang is Forever

Wu-Tang is for the children

I’ve been watching this video pretty much every day. I know it’s been passed around the internets a few times already, but it still makes me happy every time I watch it so I’m going to share it.

The song is Pop Culture by Madeon. It contains some very recognizable samples.

Doesn’t it just make you want to dance?

Odd Future

I’m going to start this review of the past year and my vision for the coming year in pop music by acknowledging that it’s flawed and biased in the same exact way all these reviews and look backs being posted on every site on the interwebs is flawed and biased. That is to say it likely won’t reflect the year as a whole as the developments in recent months, weeks, days will inevitably exude a stronger influence over my views than those of the beginning of the year. Hell, I forgot Odd Future (featured above) was even a part of this year. They were a HUGE part.

But I’m not the only one there. I haven’t read a yearlong retrospective that has them in it yet. We’re all┬ásusceptible┬áto the same prejudices. Whatever I heard last is the most important and reflects the year as whole seems to hold a lot of sway over a lot of writers. That being said, let’s get on with it: (more…)

So this is a thing. Ummm it’s Japanese and the artist is a group called Blood Stain Child. It’s a combination of metal and trance. And it makes me feel like I’m in an arcade in the 90s. I recognize this isn’t the best thing I’ve ever listened to, but I can’t stop listening to it. Something in me just loves it and I don’t know why. Anyway. Give it a listen and maybe you’ll love it too.


There has to be a new name for this sort of thing. Maybe arcade pop?


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This is one of the greatest mash-ups of all time. Think about the first time you ever listened to The Grey Album. If you haven’t heard yet it’s a mash-up of Wu-Tang Clan and Fugazi. I don’t know what sort of mad genius thought that was a good idea, but bless them. Check out the fan vid below and then go to and listen to the rest of your album.

Who would have thought it would take Minnesota to bring my two cities (NYC and DC) together?

Sometimes I wish my life had its own soundtrack.

Wherever I went, when the time called for it, music would burst forth all around me to match what I was feeling or going through.

I know this is a common wish, but my attachment to music often makes me feel like I have the soundtrack music all around me, but it’s not there so I end up looking like an idiot. (more…)