Republicans Need To Suffer For America To Have Success

Posted: 06/15/2012 in Politics
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Republicans South

I’ve come to the basic conclusion that for America to move forward as a civilization Republicans have to suffer horribly. Poverty, disease, bed bugs, losing the TV remote, loss of limbs, real awful stuff. I want to make it clear that I say this not out of anger or a desire to inflict cruelty, but merely out of practicality. I don’t wish those things on anyone, even Dick Cheney (well, maybe Dick Cheney). I don’t want to see anyone suffer. But out of my deep love for my country and patriotism, Republicans have to suffer.

I don’t hate Republicans. I’ve just given up on trying to reason with people who clearly can’t be reasoned with. But it isn’t even their lack of logic and thinking that’s really holding America back. It’s the fact that they clearly have no concept of compassion.

Republicans can’t grasp the idea of compassion or empathy or anything that involves putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. They like their shoes thank you very much and will not be entertaining your silly notions that other point of views are something to be considered. A Republican’s only way to comprehend things is by it happening to them.

This is why many pushes to legalize medicinal marijuana across the county involve Republicans who have experienced (or whose loved ones have experienced) cancer and the horrors of going through treatment. Scientists and parents of children with leukemia are clearly not the type of people a Republican is going to listen to. The only person a republican is going to listen to is himself (I say himself because the Republican party has made it perfectly clear that women fall into that group of people who they will not listen to/are not welcome in their clubhouse).

This is why, if we want to address the real problems facing America today (the healthcare system, homelessness, the shrinking middle class, poverty, the death penalty, the war on drugs, starvation, endless war and detention, etc.) we need Republicans to suffer every malady we’re facing.

What? You don’t think the Democrats are going to do anything about it, do you?


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